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Brain Dead Simple Video Guides Reveal EXACTLY How To Set-Up WordPress 3.x Websites In Minutes!


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Watch Over My Shoulder As I Show You The Tips, Tricks & Techniques To Quickly Create WordPress 3.x Sites!


Dear WordPress Site Creator (or soon-to-be site creator),

Normal, everyday-average people are making money by having their own websites, and this takes place every day. Want to be one of them?

If you are brand new to website creation or even just a little familiar with blogs or online marketing, then you know how difficult it can be to create websites. Whether you are creating these websites to generate online income or simply to show off the vacation pictures, without easy to learn step-by-step guides, you can quickly become lost & frustrated to the point of just giving up!

By the time you have read the manuals and watched the free WordPress videos with the hope to figure out exactly how to set-up and manage a profitable website, others – possibly your competitors, have made hundreds of dollars and have moved way ahead of you in learning the newest tips & tricks

You’ll end up playing a cruel game of catch-up with these fast-moving entrepreneurs. The more money they generate, the more they can put toward improving their own skills, and the further behind you get.

You need to take the bull by the horns and even up the playing field…

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Right Now!


If you insist on learning WordPress website building and blogging the hard way – by searching for free videos, eBooks and tips – you will continue down the same path you are on now.

How is that working out for you anyway?

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Kick start Your First WordPress 3.x Site NOW!


If you believe in investing in knowledge – specialized knowledge that is – then I have exactly what you are looking for.

When WordPress 3.x was released last year I began creating these video tutorials that you can download right now.

Currently the WP 3.x video library contains 40 easy to follow (and some say entertaining) WordPress 3.x video tutorials. I say ‘currently’ because I plan to make this the most comprehensive source of easy-to-learn video guides for WordPress 3.x website creation on the Internet!

Every one of these WordPress 3.x video guides were created with the absolute beginner in mind, so you’ll never feel like you’re listening to a rambling bunch of geek-speak.


With these simple yet powerful step-by-step video instructions, some of what you will discover is:

-How To Install Your WordPress 3.x Website

-How To Secure Your WordPress 3.x Website

-How To Add Streaming Video To Your WordPress 3.x Website

-How To Add Streaming Audio To Your WordPress 3.x Website

-How You Can Customize The Look Of Your WordPress 3.x Website

And Much, Much More!


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Introducing Easy WP 3.x Video Guides


Easy WP 3.x Video Guides


Begin Your Easy Website Building NOW With WordPress 3.x And Easy WP 3.x!


You may have tried other website building tutorials and found that they were difficult to follow or worse, they were incomplete which left you with more questions than answers.

Imagine having your very own personal instructor by your side SHOWING you each and every step from Pre-site planning all the way to Post-site monetization & maintenance.

If you are a total novice at WordPress & website building, this video course is for you.

If you are a seasoned online marketer but you are not yet familiar with version 3.x of WordPress, this video course is for you.


With Your Easy WP 3.x Video Guides You Will Learn…


– Which plugins are used by the Top Marketers as well as how to install & configure them for their maximum potential.

— How to maintain your WordPress 3.x web sites so they will operate hassle-free!

– How to optimize your WordPress 3.x sites – A Well Oiled Machine Runs Best!

– Many money making tips & techniques

– Several tricks that will have seasoned bloggers wondering “how did you do that!”

– And most importantly, various ways to promote & drive web traffic to your WordPress 3.x web site!


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Here is the basic 32 videos that you will have instant access to when you purchase:

Some of these are from a previous series of WordPress videos I created, but have been totally re-edited with new graphics & more!

Module 1 Before You Get To WordPress

  • Video 1. Organization Tips & Ideas Running Time: 5:42
  • Video 2. Keyword Research Running Time: 5:09
  • Video 3. Your Domain Name Running Time: 4:17
  • Video 4. Your Web Hosting Account Running Time: 6:24
  • Video 5. Add Your Site To Your Hosting Running Time: 6:10
  • Video 6. Setup Your FTP Client Running Time: 6:23
  • Video 7. Intro To Your cPanel Control Panel Running Time: 4:47
  • Video 8. Creating Your Email Account With cPanel Running Time: 5:47
  • Video 9. Creating Sub-Domains (& Sub-Directories) With cPanel Running Time: 5:30

Module 2 Create & Setup Your WP 3.x Site

  • Video 1. Instant WordPress 3.x with Fantastico Running Time: 5:33
  • Video 2. Instant WordPress 3.x with Quick Install & Simple Scripts Running Time: 4:25
  • Video 3. MySQL Database Creation Running Time: 5:28
  • Video 4. WP Manual Install Running Time: 8:36
  • Video 5. Clean Up & Customize Running Time: 4:22
  • Video 6. Settings Running Time: 13:12
  • Video 7. Themes – Intro & Install Running Time: 8:11
  • Video 8. Plugins – Intro & Install Running Time: 7:02
  • Video 9. Create Categories Running Time: 3:49
  • Video 10. Create Posts Running Time: 8:00
  • Video 11. What Do I Write? Running Time: 2:55
  • Video 12. Create Pages Running Time: 4:34
  • Video 13. Permalinks Running Time: 5:15
  • Video 14. Backup Your New Site Running Time: 8:24
  • Video 15. How To Customize The Menus Running Time: 8:37
  • Video 16. How To Customize The Theme Running Time: 4:44
  • Video 17. Add New Users Running Time: 7:55

Module 3 The Amazing Multi-Site Feature

  • Video 1. Enable Using Sub-Directories Running Time: 8:05
  • Video 2. Create Wildcard Sub-Domains Running Time: 3:25
  • Video 3. Enable Using Sub-Domains Running Time: 8:00
  • Video 4. The Super Duper Dashboard Running Time: 8:57
  • Video 5. Multi-Site & Themes Running Time: 7:12
  • Video 6. Multi-Site & Plugins Running Time: 9:08

Current Additional Videos

  • Video 33. Security & Your WordPress Sites Running Time: 19:19
  • Video 34. Adding Images into your posts/pages Running Time: 9:14
  • Video 35. Embedding Videos into your posts/pages Running Time: 5:48
  • Video 36. Embedding Self Hosted Videos into your posts/pages Running Time: 7:11
  • Video 37. Adding Streaming Audio Running Time: 4:46
  • Video 38. Customizing The Look Of Your Video & Audio Players Running Time: 8:13
  • Video 39. Using The Media Library Running Time: 8:24
  • Video 40. What Is A Widget Running Time: 7:00
  • Video 41. Managing Comments Running Time: 8:14
  • Video 42. Cloning Your Site Running Time: 12:56
  • Video 43. Creating A Child Theme Running Time: 12:25
  • Video 44. Plugins – Akismet Running Time: 3:56
  • Video 45. Plugins – Contact Form 7 Running Time: 10:28
  • Video 46. Plugins – All In One SEO Running Time: 5:07
  • Video 47. Plugins – WP-DB-Backup Running Time: 4:55
  • Video 48. Plugins – Widget Logic Running Time: 7:15

Future Additional Videos

Here are just some of the videos that will be added (The following are not in any order of delivery)

  • Embedding Videos into your posts/pages (from video hosting sites) Added
  • Embedding Self Hosted Videos into your posts/pages Added
  • Adding Images into your posts/pages Added
  • Using The Media Library Added
  • Managing Comments Added
  • Domain Mapping
  • How To Clone Your WordPress Site Added
  • Several videos on adding extra security to your WordPress sites Added

Plugins – What They Do & How To Set Them Up

  • 1. Akismet Added
  • 2. All In One SEO Added
  • 3. WP-DB-Backup Added
  • 4. Contact Form Added
  • 5. Google Sitemap
  • 6. Google Analytics
  • 7. Stats
  • 8. CBnet-Ping-Optimizer
  • 9. What Would Seth Godin Do
  • 10. Aweber Plugin
    AWeber Integration
  • 11. Widget-Logic Added
  • 12. Exclude-Pages
  • 13. Sociable
  • 14. S2 Member
  • 15. Sexy Bookmarks
  • 16. PHP Execution
  • 17. WP-Super Cache
  • 18. W3 Total Cache
  • 19. Headspace2
  • 20. ShrimpTest
  • 21. WPTouch
  • 22. WP Greet Box
  • 23. Zemanta – This is not a plugin but can quickly & easily add extra content to each of your posts.

There are over 13 thousand plugins at WordPress (dot) org and many others elsewhere in the blogosphere so you can bet that there can easily be many more videos on plugins than just those listed above.

Maintain Your Maintenance

  • I currently have at least 8 videos lined up for this category

Optimization – A Well Oiled Machine Runs Best

  • I currently have at least 7 videos lined up for this category

Here are some in a ‘General’ type category

  • 1. Auto-Posting
  • 2. What Is A Widget Added
  • 3. How To Create A Static Frontpage
  • 4. How To Stream Video From Your WP Blog – Fast & Free Added
  • 5. How To Customize Your Video Player Added
  • 6. How To Add Streaming Audio To Your WP Blog Added
  • 7. How To Customize Your Audio Player Added
  • 8. How To Create Child Themes Added

Ways To Monetize Your WordPress Sites

  • 1. WP-Robot ( FREE & The Premium Plugin)
  • 2. How To Use WP As Your Minisite
  • 3. How To Create A SalesPage Template (or any template for your WP site)
  • 4. Buy-Me-A-Drink (Free Plugin)

Ways To Promote Your WordPress Sites

  • These are what I have planned so far. So come along for the ride and learn all about creating, configuring, maintaining & monetizing your WordPress Empire.


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Okay..So How Much Is This In-Depth WordPress 3.X Video Course Going To Cost?



 When you enjoy Resellers Club, your Easy WP 3.x video course will be available for FREE so no waiting to begin building your WordPress 3.x Websites!


Free Easy WP 3.x Video Guides

Andy Barcan

P.S. Be sure and grab your Easy WP 3.x Video Series NOW before I raise the cost because of all the additional videos I am adding to the original 32!! – CURRENTLY UP TO VIDEO 40 – Get Yours NOW & Never Pay Another Penny!



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